DIY: Portable GreenHouse Cloche Tint

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Build a portable garden cloche: Protect newly planted beds and seedlings - extend the growing season!

A garden cloche is open on the bottom and sits directly on the soil, so plants can be started in the ground earlier, or potted plants and seedlings can be raised until ready to transplant. Like a greenhouse, it offers climate control and protection from pests, wind and weather; it also has the advantage of being able to move from bed to bed as your plantings progress. This cloche is a good size for a small salad garden, and can also be set on a patio to provide shelter for potted plants and flats of seedlings.

Features & Benefits

  • Extends the growing season - start seedlings up to a month earlier; extend the fall harvest
  • Protects your seedlings - from frost, hail, wind, cold, pests
  • Retains heat and humidity - saves water loss to evaporation, helps keep seedlings moist
  • Portable - as plantings become established, cloche is moved to other beds of starters
  • Inexpensive - build your own portable garden cloche for under $25


You can use the cloche to start flats of seedlings; it will hold four 11x21" starter flats and still have room for 12 to 15 one-quart pots for larger seedlings, such as tomatoes. Once the seedlings are planted, protect them by setting the cloche over them. As the crop becomes established, the cloche is easily moved to another bed to protect the next planting. Once all starters are well established, set the cloche over any crop which needs additional warmth or protection - the inside height will accommodate most crops even at maturity. Warmth-loving crops, like peppers, can remain under the cloche all season, extending the harvest well into fall.


Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood which will last many years outdoors. The construction is lightweight but strong - it can be picked up and moved by holding the center post, or by using the handles at the ends. The plastic sheeting will need replacing after about 4 years.

Easy to build

Eartheasy's cloche is designed with the simplest construction methods. It can even be built entirely using hand tools. Screws are used instead of nails, making the process very forgiving - if you make a mistake, simply unscrew and try again.

What you get:

Detailed downloadable building plans in a "printer-friendly" format. The plans include:

  • scale drawings
  • color photos showing the process from start to completion
  • detailed building instructions which cover every aspect of the process
  • complete materials list, detailing which fastenings to use, what wood to buy
  • tools required to build it easily yourself
  • how to use your cloche - tips and techniques for getting the best use of your cloche