Green Team Member & Pilot Program


What is the green team program about?



The Green Team Program provides sellers with features to help grow there business. Also help Growers & Manufactures sell to the public



The Features include

1. Being able to offer products to customers and other Members

2. Discount on the whole Vapor Fogg store with no min. requirements

3. Claim quality diversity & ownership credentials to distinguish your business

5. Free Lab Testing to all members 

6. Show customers and other members Lab results 

7. Upload Enhanced  Product Documents such as PDF,user guides & more

8. Pricing and payment features that simplify buying from sellers in large quantities

9. You Can put your STRAIN's on the public page or the green team side 

10. You can receive money back at the end of your 365 Day's

 11. You get 100% of the sales 



When I'm apart of Green Team, Who will be able to buy my products?

1. Everyone can purchase if you choose

2. You will be able to reach out to other members & Customers directly with a set of exclusive features

3. Access to customer reviews & complaints before they go public

4. The option of restricting purchases of listings to members or customers only



Can I Still use Vapor Fogg Services when I become Green Team Member?



How are Orders Fullfilled with the membership?

We Have Two approaches you can use both or just one


1. Fulfillment by Vapor Fogg Staff- Orders are fulfilled by the staff and your products are shipped from our warehouse

2. Fulfillment by Green Team Member- Just Like it sounds You would fulfill orders from your own facility


Warranty For (GlassWater Pipes & Dab Rigs


1. Free with purchase of our GREEN TEAM MEMBERSHIP 


2. On any purchase in this category up to an extra $1 from original Purchase


3. Example if you buy something for $5 and you break it you can pick a product in that category (Bong/Dab) for $6 and get it for FREE


4. If it breaks for any reason go to our claims page & fill out the necessary information


5. You will get assigned a ticket number and your selection will be shipped out immediately


6. Warranty is based of the invoice price of the glass


6. You get 6 claims per year

*Your only allowed to sell cbd products that are 0.03% or Less anything over will not be permitted