How To Use Water Pipe


  • Inspect the glass pipe
  • Locate the removable pieces, such as the bowl
  • Insert the bowl into the opening (stemless or downstem)
  • Add water — enough to cover the *percolators but not too much
  • Test out water levels by taking practice pulls. If the water reaches your lips, you have too much!



  1. Insert your bowl into the downstem and add your herb of choice
  2. Light your herb with a lighter or hemp wick
  3. Place your lips over the mouthpiece at the top of the water pipe, and slowly inhale
  4. Remove your bowl, and take another hit to clear out all the smoke remaining in your water pipe
  5. Take as many more hits as you like!


How to Clean a Water Pipe

 1.Separate all the moving pieces from the bong. Proper cleaning usually involves shaking and some scrubbing, which can damage delicate glass parts if you're not careful. Separate each of the parts -- the bong, the slide, and the stem, and set them aside to be cleaned separately.
2.Rinse out the pieces in hot water. This will loosen up any of the bigger chunks of resin that may be clogging up your bong. The hotter the water the better, so use tongs to grip the piece if you can't securely hold the piece.
  • Do not use hot water on a cold piece, as this can cause it to shatter. If your piece is cold, for whatever reason, start with lukewarm water and slowly raise the temperature.
  • For smaller, routine cleanings, you can just rinse out the bong quickly and move on to further cleaning.
3.Knock off any big pieces of resin with cotton swabs or pipe cleaners. If there are any large chunks of tar or resin that you can easily reach, simply knock them off with gentle scrubbing. If a chunk resists, that's fine. You just want to get rid of the big, easily removed chunks now.
  • For smaller pieces with tough, thick stains, like your slide or bowl, it can help to freeze the piece for 30 minutes. This loosens up chunks of resin and makes them easier to knock off. Be sure to dry the bowl before freezing.
4.Rinse out the pieces with hot water. Flush out the alcohol and salt with some hot water. You might want to discard the fluid down the toilet, as it can stink up your sink and pipes if left undisturbed.

*The percolator is usually in a dome shape but lately have been found in all kinds of crazy designs. It is basically an additional water chamber for your bong and usually lives in the tube of the bong. It contains water in it and is another filtering process for your smoke.

After you pull the smoke from your pipe, it interacts with the water in the bowl. When it’s traveling up the tube, the smoke interacts with the water for the second time in the percolator.

There are two ways that this process cools and filters the smoke more efficiently. Firstly, the smoke has another opportunity to make contact with water, which is naturally going to cool it down. It also allows for a greater surface area of smoke to reach the water, making it cooler again.

It also works by breaking down the bubbles into smaller sizes, due to the pressure in the percolator. This also means for a cooler, smoother hit from your bong.